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    Problem provisionning AMT less then 3.2.1


      Using SCCM 2007 R3, I have been able to provision lots of computers with AMT 3.2.1 or higher. But with older systems, it started as a complete failure. Intel WS-Translator is installed but at first, not configured. I modified my collection of version less then 3.2.1, to enable OOB. After a day or two, about 5 computers were provisionned with AMT version 3.0.1 or 3.0.8. I have now 12 computers provisioned since then, all above 3.x.


      For AMT versions less then 3.x, like 2.1.3, the AMT status says Not Supported. After trying to configure WS-Translator, I didn't get any system provisioned.


      So I tried to provision a system by going in the BIOS (Intel DQ965GF, AMT 2.2.20) and configure the following:


      -computer name

      -domain name

      -PID key = 4444-4444

      -PPS key = 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000


      After doing that, the computer got provisioned in SCCM. I am able to send power on or off command.


      Both amtopmgr.log and wstrans.log showed successful communication for this computer.


      With other computers and this one before I manually configured it, amtopmgr.log shows failure to establish tcp session to x.x.x.x:16992 and 16993. WStrans.log is not showing anything.


      For my WS-Translator setting, I changed the following:

      -password for admin

      -PID and PPS key as above

      -Comodo certificat, same certificat used in SCCM OOB

      -users or groups have permission to import computers left empty

      -users or groups have permission to use the common service accounts, "administrators"

      -listening port 443, forwarding port 16993, server cerficate CN=s00sms4.prod.loca, OU=Comodo Pro Series SSL, .....

      -Allow Basic Authorization


      From your experiences, is SCCM with WS-Translator able to provision AMT less then 3.0 with any intervention on the computers?


      Looking at the flowchart in Intel SCCM guide, manual intervention is required to pre-configure AMT like I did above. Is that the only way?


      Starting with which version of AMT, is there a web site accessible at https://computer fqdn:16993?