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    Built in HD3000 graphics: No DVI output with Intel Driver


      Dear Intel Support,


      I have the problem that my screen is not recognized on the DVI port using any of the Intel HD family drivers (I have tried versions 2598, 2618, 2279, 2653 and 2219, both from ASUS, Gigabyte, and directly from Intel).


      The screen is rather old: Formac Gallery 2012 from 2002. I suspect that it could be due to the HDCP requirement for which the screen might be too old, is that possible?


      Is there any way to circumvent the problem, like modified or old drivers or an option that I could set? It's quite frustrating that I can't use my screen on my new computer just due to some copyright protection system for video playback. I especially bought the Z68 chipset because I wanted to use the built-in graphics.


      System details:

        - Asus P8Z68-V-LX board with i5-2500K CPU (HD3000)

        - Win7 64 bit

        - the Formac screen has only a built-in DVI-D cable, no VGA possible




        - the Formac screen works with safe-mode generic VGA drivers (low res only)


        - the Formac screen works fine on an old ATI PCIe graphics card in the same system


        - a different screen works fine on the DVI port of the internal HD3000 with your graphics drivers


        - I can get my screen to be recognized and work perfectly on the HD3000 with Intel drivers by disabling and enabling the graphics adapter in the device manager!!! So in priciple I know that it can work, but in order to perform this 'trick', I need a second screen attached to an additional PCIe graphics card, otherwise I cannot see what I am doing.

      - Would it help to connect the screen to the hdmi port via an adapter? I guess not if the problem is really connected to the HDCP requirement.



      I have seen this problem in various versions in this forum, but no solution. I have tried many things without success. Any help would be greatly appreciated!