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    Re-partitioning a RAID 5 array


      Is it possible to change the partion sizes on a RAID 5 array, using the Intel Server Manager 8.30 with the Intel RAID Controller SRCZCRX ?


      We presently have two partions, and I must make more free space on the C: partion for the system to run well.  I have made all the changes that I can with files and programs to free up space.  This is on Windows Small Business Server 2003.

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          It's been a long time, but I think I remember having to expand the array on the card first (possibly in the card BIOS, not from within the GUI in Windows).


          Then, once that was done, I had to use Partition Magic (or other third-party, non-Intel, non-Microsoft) utility to expand the partition so that Windows would see it as one great big drive.


          Otherwise, Windows just shows the newly-expanded array as your old drive, plus a new unconfigured separate drive