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    Intel Core i7-3930K RAM speed issue


      I was planning to purchase a 3930k processor when I ran across a comment about it that has me questioning the rest of my system to go with it. 


      "However I just got off of the phone with Intel as I needed to RMA this product. A lot of questions were asked and answered. I found out that this CPU will NOT work, at least for very long, if you use ram that runs over 1600 MHZ and 1.5 volts. I WAS running GSkill 2133 at 1.65 volts. This, based on tech support probably killed the cpu. The ram controller is built into the CPU and will not work properly over 1600 MHZ."


      I was planning to buy 2133 RAM with the system, but before I do I was hoping to get someone to comment on this issue to avoid a future RMA. 

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          Since you are using an Intel Core i7-3930K processor, and it supports up to 1600 MHz, Intel does not recommend using memory running higher than that, since it can cause issues.

          The memory most be 1600 GHz and 1.5 volts, otherwise system will be running out of specifications and unexpected behaviors can become usual on a system with non-fully supported RAM.