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    Shared video memory for Intel HD graphics


      Hello all.


      I have recently bought a laptop with an Intel Core i3 M380 cpu.

      The CPU includes an Intel HD Graphics 3000 core.


      The question I have is how much memory can the graphics core reserve from the total RAM available?

      My laptop has 6GB of RAM  and it seems 3GB !! are reserved for graphics ... which is too much. I don't want that.


      Besides the fact that this graphics chipset should only support 1.7Gb of share memory .. I see no point in wasting RAM on it. I am not planning to play any games on the laptop.


      BIOS does not contain any option for selecting the desired max amount of shared memory for the graphics driver.


      I am contacting the OEAM provider to ensure this is a limitation they put in place, but I would like to confirm that the Intel HD Graphics 3000's chipset is not hardcoded to use 50% of the system RAM.


      Thank you