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    I really think this is compatible...but it doesn't work.  I am sad.


      I bought a CPU off...eBay.  I researched the heck out of it to make sure it would work in an old computer I'm reusing.


      It's an Intel D865GBF mobo.  BIOS Version 25 (latest).  The board revision is C28142-406
      I tried to put a 3.0 Ghz/1MB P4 ("3.00GHZ/1M/800 S17PM") into it...
      According to this Intel chart, all should be well.  But nothing happens.  System spins up but nothing out the onboard video.  No beep noises.  Take it out and put the old 2.4Ghz in and it works fine.
      Dead CPU?
      Bad karma?
      Solar flares?
      Justice for a misspent youth?