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    BSOD (igdkmd64.sys) using Mini Display to VGA adapter




      I'm trying to use a StarTech Mini-Display to VGA adapter, so I can use a second screen with a Dell XPS 15 (L502x) - which should work according to this link.


      However, I get a BSOD complaining re: the Internal Internal HD GPU driver whenever the adapter is plugged in (igdkmd64.sys).


      The O/S is Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - as I have 8GB RAM.


      Have tried forcing the use of the nVidia GPU as per the sticky, and working around Optimus. However, this makes no difference, and I still get a BSOD.


      There doesn't appear to be an option to turn off the internal GPU in BIOS, so am guessing it's locked down.


      Have also tried uninstalling the Intel HD Graphics Driver from Windows 7 Programs, and rolling back to older versions of the driver from the Dell website - with the ssame BSOD results.  These are the versions of igdkmd64.sys I've tried:


      8-15-10-2342 (A06) - 21/4/2011

      8-15-10-2291 (A04) - 29/3/2011

      8-15-10-2253 (A03) - 8/3/2011


      Does anyone have ideas on how to get the second screen working with Mini-Display to VGA adapter?


      Many thanks in advance.