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    Hard Drive takes a wandering journey. Can it come home?

      System consists of

      Windows XP sp2

      4 SATA HD sorted into 2 HD using RAID 5 ( I used the second drive( 2 actual drives in a Raid 5 config) for media storage.


      This actually the second time since I started using Raid 5 one year ago. The first time the second drive reported a failure not missing and I was able to back up before it failed.


      Right now in Window it is reporting a missing drive in Array 001, I guess this should be Port 5.


      Under that it states a new entry, Non-Raid Hard Drives and it is showing  a Port 5 and an ID number.


      So it appears the Hard drive is alive and well. Can it be added back to its former Raid Home? I don't have a back up and really can't stand to lose this media.


      Is this an indication of me doing something wrong or am I just having bad luck with hard drives?


      If you're wondering why I use Raid 5, it came with my motherboard and I thought it would be faster. I edit video on this machine and from what I could detect Raid 5 was the best bet, I'm not so sure now.