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    Unknown CPU 2670M


      Hello all,


      I am very new user of this forum.


      I am looking for a PC laptop in the internet. I noticed some PC's with a CPU i7-2670M and others with a CPU i7-2670QM.


      In the Intel web site (ark.intel) we can only find i7-2670QM (6MB in L3 Cache, 4 cores).


      Since I could not find i7-2670M in the internet I am afraid that it has only 4MB in the L3 cache and only 2 cores. By the way all the CPU's with i7-26xxM has less L3 cache than the i7-26XXQM.


      Please can any one tell me if i7-2670QM is exactly i7-2670M or different. If different can you tell me what is the specification of the i7-2670M (L3 cache, #cores,#threads,...).


      Thanks a lot in advance,

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          The Intel Core i7-2670M is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) processor that is provided to OEM manufacturers, information on OEM processors can only be provided by the OEM laptop manufacturer, since those processors are designed according to specifications of the laptop manufacturer.

          Please proceed to contact any laptop manufacturer that has a system with this processor, and they will be able to provide information about this particular OEM processor.