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    DZ68DB Bios update


      Good day everyone


      I updated the bios on this motherboard and after the bios update finished and the pc rebooted, there is no display on the screen.


      I've used the onboard graphics and two other graphics card and nothing works

      I've also seen that no usb devices work on this board after the bios update, my mouse and keyboard show no lights/activity.



      I've also tried removing the CMOS to reset the bios, and nothing

      I've tried loading a recovery bios on flash disk but seeing as the USB ports don't work that won't help

      I've also put the recovery bios on CD, nothing happened so I take it the sata ports don't work either

      The pc doesn't even beep when all the ram is removed


      Is their any other way to revive this board or must I just RMA it?



      Thanks for any help