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    About Sandy Bridge to Ivy bridge


      Hi all
      I read here that new Ivy bridge must use socket LGA 1155
      I am already perfectly satisfied Sandy Bridge but just an question
      Mother board that have already for example G620  icore xx etc....  also using LGA 1155 will possible receive  an upgrade
      with new to Ivy Bridge ?
      Have you an link where  is described  details characteristics more complete ?
      I have already difficulty to understand side graphic hosted posisition sandy bridge
      when i use lspci linux system with sandy bridge processor G620
      I show
      00:02.0 VGA compatible controler: Intel Corporation Sandy Bridge Integrated Graphics Controler (rev 09)
      I have rebuild all source in relation graphic (Mesa incuded)
      I have  rewrite  an file xorg.conf correctly  appropriated
      xrandr -q
      confirm now that i have 1280*1024
      video working very well but i use driver vesa .. with intel driver, is always rejected by xorg server...
      Your data base about G620 give an warning about graphic could be not ???
      Have you also an link where  is described  details characteristics graphic more complete ?

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          Please keep in mind that Intel cannot comment on products that are not yet released.

          Intel can only comment products that are already released, this particular product is to be released beginning of 2nd quarter of 2012. I would suggest keeping an eye at the following website until the product is released:


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            Thank for your answer..


            If I refer to last version compiler GNU 4.7 ,I observe new flag to Ivy and Haswell


            Origin link: http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/changes.html


            Support for new Intel processor codename IvyBridge with RDRND, FSGSBASE and F16C is available through -march=core-avx-i.
            Support for the new Intel processor codename Haswell with AVX2, FMA, BMI, BMI2, LZCNT is available through -march=core-avx2.


            Proving that product datasheet  already provided long time ago  to Gnu is an public community I think.....
            Is very strange we have option flag compiler before or without the product datasheet..


            Also my secondary question is on Sandy bridge that is an product current.