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    All Intel Craphics Cards Drivers for downlod?



      I was wondering why Intel does not put all the Intel GPU drivers availble for download. When one searches other manufacturers for their drivers, he/she has two options; 1- Answer the questions and find the right download 2- A list of all drivers for different systems (Desktop/Laptop ...). But for Intel, I never found the second option? I think it would be a great idea to share all GPU drivers on one page and show the supported products on the Download page of each.


      Thank you very much.

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          Someone said me that all Intel HD Graphics version are not compatible with new version. Like if you have Intel HD Graphics like me, you can't have Intel HD Graphics 2000/3000.

          But it can be great if Intel find a solution to update Intel HD Graphics to Intel HD Graphics 3000 It can be a World Records because nobody do that before. I'm sure it's possible, because a Graphics Cards, it's just  made with electronic part. You can't modifiated them, but can change the code of all part.


          PLZ. Check for a solution for laptop owner like me to have massive gamepla experience. I check for updating Nvidia card on my other computer and it's very different. Nvidia upgrade performance,  add #mb video card, update physx, update OpenGl for some driver. Why Intel HD Graphics is so bad?

          + DirectX 9 and 11 can be compatible if you want no? It's just graphics engine and not graphics card. Samething for OpenGl.

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