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    Z68 chipset NO onboard video?


      I was looking at some motherboards on Newegg and found that not all Z68 chipset motherboards have onboard video. I understand that it must be paired with a processor that supports onboard video for it to work, but some motherboards Like this one from Gigabyte and this one from Asus do not have any video ports on the I/O backplate.


      I can't just look at a motherboard that has the Z68, H55, H57 etc chipset that Intel's product brief says contains onboard video and say this motherboard also has onboard video? I ask this bcuz it has been my assumption for a long time now.


      Is this up to the motherboard vendor?




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          Please keep in mind that we are the designer of the product. Therefore we provide information on what the controller is able to support.


          However each Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer integrates this piece of hardware into their systems and define what is enabled or not.


          In this case, it is up to the motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer to install a video port or not into the systems they manufacture and sell.

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            My apologies for posting in the wrong forum. I will find the right one to post in next time. Thank you for still answering the question.