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    Oops - After I Updated BIOS to 2303, Lost My RAID


      I have two 2-disk internal RAID 0 Arrays. After I updated to BIOS 2303, computer rebooted to AHCI instead of RAID and assumed default settings. Now it says my two RAID 0 arrays are failed. I restarted and set BIOS to 'RAID' but too late. Intel Rapid Storage Mgr shows the RAID arrays split into 1 good drive and 1 bad status 'missing.' Windows Storage Disk Mgr shows each array twice, one healthy, and one 'unallocated not initialized'. Wants me to 'initialize' the disks, but it will lose data.  I suspect something wrong with the SATA ports, but no way to tell.


      How did two disks come offline in two separate RAIDs? Is there any way to recover

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          Is there any way to recover

          You could try reverting to your previous BIOS version and then back up your data first (to external media) before flashing the BIOS to the latest version again. If you read the pdf file on the BIOS download page it'll tell you if this newer BIOS comes with updated code for your RAID hardware. Even if there are no changes in this regard. it's always advisable to keep up to date backups - especially before doing anything like this.