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    E7-8837 * 4 = poor performance



      I have a R910 server, with E8837 * 4 CPU and 64 G memory (Windows Server 2008 standard can only support 32G),

      our application uses Intel IPP package to do some image processing job.

      if I bind our application to one of the CPU and run a performance test method, it takes 0.8 second.

      if launch 4 copy of our application, bind each copy to one CPU, invokes the test method at the same time, each will take 1.9 second, the time is doubled

      4 application only uses 10G memory, why it's so slow when run the same method at the same time?


      the hardware seems is OK after tested by Dell_DSET, so what causes the delay??

      I understand if it slowdown a little bit when all 4 CPUs are busy, but cannot be a so big delay....

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          Please keep in mind that the usage of the multiple processors or multiple cores, is determined by the operating system, in this case by Microsoft* Windows* Server 2008.

          So it is possible that the operating system is assigning only one core to run a particular task or software.

          I would suggest contacting Microsoft* and asking them if when you run multiple copies of the same software, will the operating system assign one copy to each processor or core, or will it assign al copies of the same program to the same processor or core?


          I would suggest installing all the available updates for your operating system as well as for the running applications.

          Also make sure that you have the latest BIOS version for your server board.