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    SCC Thermal Sensors Values


      Dear all,


      I'm working on reading the thermal sensors values of the scc.

      I want to set the frequency of some tiles to 800Mhz, and the other tiles to 100Mhz.

      If I choose the second choice of the sccBmc, which is (800Mhz Mesh), and read the values of the sensors ,

      The sensors on the tiles of 800Mhz give a values around 4000, but the sensors on the tiles 100Mhz give values around 500 ... ?????

      I mean the values of diffrent frequencies give heterogeneous values in the sensors values !

      I find that very strange, knowing that I set the value of the sensor control register with respecting to these frequencies ..!!



      So, could you help me about this stuff ?


      Thanks in advance,