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    overclocking DX79TO


      hi ,

      i'm totally new with intel motherboards ,

      would you please help me configuring my motherboard settings ?

      i'm using 3930k , stock turbo boost is 3.5GHz if i'm not wrong ,

      how can increase Turboboost from 3.5GHz to just 3.7Ghz

      i don't want to overclock +4Ghz , just 100-200Mhz is enough . and i don't even want to overclock my Memory just cpu if it's ok !

      each time i'm trying to overclock after 1 reboot it's gonna stock on Windows Logo ,


      this is my current setting on CPU ovveride page :





      Here are my other System Parts if it's necessary to know ,


      Antec Kuhler H2O 920 with extra fan Liquid Cooling System ( currently Idle temoerture is about 35C and Full load About 57C

      Cooler Master PSU Silent Pro Gold 700 Watt

      4x2gb Corsair XMS3 1600CL9 1.65v ( but on bios it automaticly detects it as 1333 and 1.5V) on blue DIMMs

      4x2gb Corsair Dominator 1600CL9 ( this one too 1333 and 1.5V , and even on Cpu-z on SPD Dimms it's just shows one of my Domminator Memories but windows and bios detects Total 16Gb of RAM ) on black Dimms




      thanks ,