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    POP-SHM in SCC Linux


      Hello everyone,


      I would like to using POP-SHM as a stand-alone library. So, How do I enable pop-shm buffer in SCC-linux (sccKit 1.4.2)?





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          It should be enabled in recent images.


          Issue a:

          cat /proc/meminfo


          at one of the SCC cores to verify.

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            It is not enabled. Also, when I typed sccBoot -l, I got this output :


            NFO: Welcome to sccBoot 1.4.2 (build date Dec 20 2011 - 14:31:57)...
            INFO: Starting to boot Linux: All cores!
            INFO: Over-all private memory:       640 MB per Core
            INFO: Video buffer size:     -   2 MB per Core
            INFO: POP-SHM buffer size:     -   0 MB per Core (disabled)
            INFO: Usable private memory:     = 638 MB per Core



            You can see the POP-SHM buffer size is disabled.



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              Are you still having problems with 3.1.4scc and POP-SHM?

              I check our 1.4.2 beta machine. cat /proc/meminfo | grep POP shows nothing.  I was expecting to see a result as in thread:



              root@rck00:~> cat /proc/meminfo |grep POP
              POPSHM pages:        1
              POPSHM page size:    16384 kB
              POPSHM buffer size:  16384 kB
              POPSHM base address: 0x10000000


              Also, I have heard you need to use the sccGui to enable, is there a command line equivalent?

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                sccBoot -l will only enable POP-SHM when enabled in sccGui settings...


                Could you please double-check "Settings->Linux boot settings->POP-SHM settings" in sccGui? After enabling a specific amount of shared memory (per core) you should see the memory in Linux (the settings apply for booting with sccBoot and sccGui).