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    new build black screen


      new build black screen
      I'm a novice builder.


      Put together following system:
      MB:   Intel DH67CL
      CPU:  Intel Core i3-2105
      Mem:  Corsair 4GB 2x2GB DDR3 1333 1.65v
      HD:   Western Dig Caviar Blue 7200 500MB
      PSU   Seasonic SS-300ET  300w


      When  I power on the fans come on, but nothing on monitor and no beeps from  the board. I've put the memory one at a time in a different computer and  boots OK. I've tried one mem stick at a time in this build with same  result. I put HD in different computer and can bring online. Also put a  different HD in new build with same result. So I'm thinking I have a bad  MB and should RMA it. Anything else I should try? Am using onboard  video btw.