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    Intel Rapid Storage Technology


      I just recently notice that in setting up my computer with the Intel rst program that the hhd is suppose to be connected in the Port 0 and the ssd in Port 1. Although my system is working and not bad may I add it isn't setup properly. So at this point can I simply switch the hhd and ssd around and make things right? Will after switching the hhd and the ssd and placing them in the correct ports will I see a significant difference? By the way I had my hhd originally connected in the sata3gb port and my ssd in the sata6gb port.

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          Are you actually referring to Intel Smart Response Technology (ISRT), where a SSD is used as the "cache" drive with a HDD? You didn't mention what mother board you are using, so I can't tell if you have that feature. That is a new feature only available on the Z68 chipset boards. All Intel 6-series chipsets have the two 6Gb/s ports as ports 0 and 1, so I don't understand how one of them is a 3Gb/s port. Does your board have another SATA chipset?


          IRST (not used with ISRT) does not require you to connect a drive to any specific SATA port, and given what I have read about ISRT, that is still true.

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            Yes I'm sorry I am referring to the Intel Smart Response Technology. I'm using the Gigabyte z68xp-ud4 motherboard version 1.3. Updated to F6 BIOS version. Yes my motherboard does also have sata3 gb ports. There are 4 sata3 gb ports, 2 sata6 gb ports and 2 more Marvell sata6 gb ports. In all 0-7 ports. So from what you stated it doesn't matter which ports you connect the ssd and the hdd?