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    Can I use my SSD like I used my HDD ?




      I recently bought an Intel postville 320 SSD. I didn' t know much about SSDs so I read some articles on  internet and now I've got a question.


      Before I bought this  SSD, I was using an HDD on which I usually install a multiboot  consisting of Windows 7 and some Linux distributions. I'm always  fiddling with my operating systems to try new things and sometimes I  break everything and need to reinstall some of them. Sometimes I also  switch from a Linux distribution to another. Therefore I'm often  formatting partitions on my HDD usually with GParted.


      But on an SSD I wonder what's going to happen to the data that will be on the partitions which I will be regularly formatting.

      Will they be erased from NAND or will the controller be informed (maybe thanks to TRIM ?) that they're invalid ?


      The  reason why I'm asking this is because I read that if an SSD is full of  data its performance will be lowered (less over-provisioning -> more  write amplification), so I'm afraid that if I'm regularly formatting  partitions full of data and if the controller is never informed that  after the formatting they must be considered as invalid then on the long  run a lot of invalid data are going to pile up leading to poor  performance.


      Thank you for your help.