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    Intel RST on Marvell controller


      I have just installed a 240Gb 520 on my P6X58D ASUS board but in order to get the 6Gbs speed I must use the Marvell controllers this in turn activates the marvel storage controller which then makes the intel tool box useless.


      Can I use, and how, the Intel RST on a marvell controller?



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          Unfortunately, you cannot use the IRST driver with any of the Marvell chipsets, they are not compatible.


          What you can try (if you use Windows 7) is changing from the Marvell driver to the native Windows 7 AHCI driver, msahci. You do that from Device Manager, by finding the Marvell chipset under Storage controllers. Choose the Driver tab, then Update driver, and Browse my computer for driver software, and finally Let me pick from a list... Find msahci in the list and follow the prompts until complete.


          I use the msahci driver on my ASUS X58 board's Marvell 9128 chipset, and it works fine, better than the Marvell driver IMO. The SSD Toolbox will recognize a SSD on the Marvell chipset with the msahci driver. But, I don't have an Intel SSD on the Marvell SATA ports, so I don't know if the other Toolbox functions work, like the Optimizer.


          BTW, the Marvell chipsets actually run at 5Gb/s (yes, Five) not the true 6Gb/s speed of SATA III. Yes, all the X58 boards that use the Marvell chipsets say they have "SATA 6Gb/s!", but the reality is the chipset is connected to one PCI-E lane, whose max speed is 5Gb/s. That's the same on any board that uses the 91xx chipsets. Even better, when the Marvell chipset's OROM runs during the mother board's POST, it clearly displays: "Marvell 91xx... 5Gb/s. How they get away with this I do not know.


          I'm pointing this out to you so you understand why your 520 won't perform to it's potential performance if you benchmark test it. It's faster than the SATA II ports in some areas, but you won't see more than ~400MB/s read speed. Some users feel it's better to use the Intel SATA II ports instead of the Marvell, but that is up to you.

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            Thanks for that, yes I was aware of the so called 6Gbs marvell controller before I purchased my 520 and yes I only get just under 400mbs but that is quicker than on the SATAII controller which peaks at about 3Gbs I believe.


            The SSD will last a lot longer than my present X58 so hope one day to see its full potential in the mean time it's fine being a bit hobbled.


            Thanks again for your advice I'll try the MS drivers.


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