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    Startup Error igfxext Module has stopped working


      Windows 7 Pro 32bit

      The graphics drivers list this as an Intel HD Graphics Driver, version


      The machine was infected with malware but is now clean.  I've uninstalled and cleaned out the offending igfxext.exe and ensured there were no registry entries for igfxext.exe and reinstalled the latest drivers.


      I have seen this issue mentioned on other forums and found they resolved this by disabling the IGFXtray, Hkcmd and igfxpers from startup but the issue on this PC remains.  With the intel drivers uninstalled the system boots fine, with the obvious limited display options.


      Is there a recommended method of ensuring all traces of the video drivers are removed before attempting a reinstall or is there some other way of correcting this?


      Other than the popup every time the user logs in the system runs fine, with all video options seemingly working.

      Many thanks in advance, I have been tearing what little hair I have left out over this issue!