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    ANNOYING problem DX79TO


      i know that stock turbo burst on 3930K is 3.5ghz using 6 cores
      i wanted to over clock it a bit to 3.8 using 6 cores ,
      i used Intel Extreme Utility to do that , i change the 3.5 to 3.8 in-front of 6-core turbo boost multiplier  and ask for restart ,
      first time booting was failed , then i reset the default setting in bios , and even uninstalled Intel extreme utility and all it's data and profiles ,


      now on overloads( monitoring using cpu-z )for example rendering it only stays on 3.4ghz , before that it was on 3.5 GHz
      i tried restoring , flashing the bios to latest version, and even restoring windows to earlier , or removing all the drivers installed and reinstalling them , but still stocks at 3.4ghz on full-load.


      my setting on bios :


      first screen :


      Performance page , Disabled and loading default :


      Performance Page Default Setting


      Performance Page trying to raise turbo boost to 3.6 for example :


      and this is cpu-z snap shot while rendering , before using that intel extereme utility my score was 10.11 or something like that but now it's about 9.5~9.8


      i think there something wrong with my voltages ! isn't ?





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          I think something is wrong with your RAM configuration... none of your memory is paired, it's all single channel!


          Channel A B should be populated completely while D and C remain empty.


          I dunno, give it a try, I just would never have installed RAM like that from my experience (which is building over 3,000 comptuers and having just build a system with this motherboard)

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            Not the case for 4-channel. Each channel is populated with at least one module to make use of 4-channel memory. The OP's memory is setup correctly.