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    S5520UR RMM Problems (Video socket error)


      Hi guys


      I have a S5520UR serverboard with the Intel RMM Installed with following firmwares and everything:


      System Information
      Host Power Status :     Host is currently ON
      RMM3 Status :     Intel(R) RMM3 installed
      Device (BMC) Available :     Yes
      BMC FW Build Time :     Jun 13 2011 16:17:38
      BMC FW Rev :     00.57
      Boot FW Rev :     00.18
      SDR Package Version :     SDR Package 0.24
      Primary HSC FW Rev :     02.09
      Secondary HSC FW Rev :     (not present)
      Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :
      Local Control Panel (LCP) FW Rev :     (not present)


      According to this download: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20284


      Issues should be resolved with the Error about the video socket in the console view of Intel RMM, however, I still get this error altough I think and derive that from the system information, that everything is up to date. I read somewhere that with IPMItools I can restart the RMM console thing (without erasing settings) and all is OK then... Can someone help me to do this as a temporary workaround from a Windows client? My server is running ESXi 5...