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    Intel E3400 Dual Core processor stuck temperature


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      Hi, I just bought a new processor, it's E3400, dual core, @ 2,6Ghz, and I love the increase on speed I've gained with it, but I've installed several programs that reads the temperature and voltage, (Speed fan, Real temp, Aida 64) and see that the temperature is diferent on the cores of the CPU. The Core 0 is always 39C, and the Core 1 is changing the temperature based on CPU usage, and that's seems to be normally, on my opinion. But the core O does rise in temps when in use but never goes below 39C. It's always 39C, only shows the temperatures that are higher than that. Is this a big problem, could I do something about it or not? I would realy appreciate your help. Thank you.

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      My motherboard is MSI G41M-P28, 1x 2GB RAM DDR3, and the on-board graphics.

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          There is really nothing you can do to fix or change that temperature reading, and it is really not a problem at all. Some of the earlier architecture Intel CPUs, like a socket 775 Celeron, did not have very accurate CPU core temperature sensors, since the thermal protections built into the CPU do not check the core temperatures, but the single CPU temperature, known as Tcase. Three of the four cores in my Core 2 Quad CPU will not show a temperature below 35C, but one will. If the CPU is above 35C, then all the core temperatures will increase. Did you notice that your AIDA picture shows the "CPU" temperature to be the same as the Core 2 temperature? That tells me they and the CPU are working fine, but the Core 1 temperature sensor just won't send data below 39C. That is similar to my CPU.


          An Intel chipset on a board I have (you have a G41 chipset) will not provide temperature data below 55C. I tried to cool it but it never went below 55C, and I finally read in it's technical document that it's lowest temp reading is 55C. Most people never check these temperatures.


          You can check your CPU with the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, which you can download here:




          If it really has problems, this will tell you. Be sure to read the download page for the required software, etc, your PC will need for it to run.

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            Hello, Parsec, I was reading your biography, and I must say, I'm impressed. You are right about my problem. I was reading every single post, review, etc. about this on the internet. 45nm Core, Wolfdale Processor Family, all have the same problem. Stuck sensor at some point. Of course, the problem hits the other families of procesors too, but it's very common and usual for this generation. Wonder why? (excuse me if my English isn't very well, I'm not born Englishman) I did what you told me to do, I ran the tool that you gave me, and no problems found. The processor works fine, sensors are working too, only this one goes only from 39C, never below. Par example, never goes to 38, 37 C or less. That's his bottom line temperature reading. 39C. And it goes only to 40 and higher. Other one is working fine. Is there anyway to reset the stuck sensor, par example by using a benchmark tool, like Prime or Linpack, (or any other), wich will increase temps high enough, and maybe this will act like a shock to sensors to change their values? Should I try to replace the thermal grease, check the CPU cooler, remove the processor from socket for a while and bring it back, check the pins for processor in the socket, flash the MB bios, or something else? Maybe the cooler doesn't press  the IHS of the processor enough? Wonder does that pressure can cause problems like this with the processor, anyway? Or may harm the processor? THANK YOU VERY MUCH. IT MEANS A LOT TO ME. You've been very kind and helpful.