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    Error beeps on POST - S3420GP


      Hi, just built a basic server to run a small database in a medical practice. I am very new at this task having built about 20 PCs in the past for work and home, generally not experiencing many problems.


      System specifications as below with USB keyboard and mouse plugged in.


      I am getting beep code warnings at POST but all seems to run.  The OS has loaded without issues.


      The beeping sequence is 1-1-2-1 (ie beep –beep – beep beep – beep).  The OS then loads and seems to run ok.


      I gather this may not be a POST error code (indicating memory errors) but a testing indication of attached USB devices during the POST.


      Can you help reassure me I do not have an issue??   I have not configured the BIOS to display/halt on any error message.  This is an option, should I try this??


      Thanks for your help, Ross



      Mobo – Intel S3420GPLC

      CPU – Intel X3450 Xeon

      RAM – 2xKingston KVR1333D3E9SK2/8GI - 16Gb

      HDD – 2xWD Rapter 600Gb 10K in RAID 1 array and 1x2Tb WD 7200 non-RAID drive for backup

      Case – Antec Atlas 500 with Truepower 550 PSU

      OA – Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 64bit