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    Ethernet Controller Was Not Found


      Respected Sir,

      With due respect I am using intel DG31PR motherboard and windows xp professional.On my computer show me the message ethernet controller was not found.I download latest Lan driver from intel download center and install it on my computer but unable to solve the problem on my computer no local area network  icon is displayed.I contact realtek they told me that eeprom is broken or empty without any parameters so driver does not  work and eeprom burning tool is required for Realtek RTL8111-GR Gigabit Ethernet Contoller.So Kindly provide me eeprom burning tool for my Realtek RTL8111-GR Gigabit Ethernet Controller which was pre installed on my intel DG31PR motherboard. I found no help from link http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/dsktpboards/dg31pr?wapkw=Intel%20Desktop%20Board%20DG31PR Thanking You

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          The latest LAN related firmware (that Intel wants you to run with the hardware on your board) is included in the latest BIOS update for your board (which is freely downloadable from Intels support section website under discontinued boards). What caused your LAN to disappear in the first place? The last time I saw such behaviour (on a different motherboard) it was as a result of lightening toasting this part of the mobo after hitting the phone lines of the victims setup and getting through their router. If you don't already have effective surge protection (including for your phone/dsl line) you should get some. You MAY need to install a 3rd party NIC into a spare slot if your onboard LAN is gone for good and diable that part of your hardware in the BIOS setup options).