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    DZ68BC - BIOS Version 0028 (from Nov 7, 2011?!)


      How did this just show up today (or at least very recently)?



      Curiosity: The VBIOS was "updated" to 2119, but the release notes say that the 0027 BIOS release has 2120.... What's the importance of a video BIOS update anyway?


      BIOS Version 0028  -   BCZ6810H.86A.0028.2011.1107.0958

      About This Release:
      •  Date:  November.   07, 2011 
      •  ME Firmware:   CPT_1.5M_Production.BIN 
      •  Integrated Graphics Option ROM:   Build 2119  PC 14.34 
      •  SATA RAID Option ROM: v10.6.0.1091
      •  LAN Option ROM: v1365  PXE 2.1 Build   089 

      New Fixes/Features:
      •  Updated   VBIOS to version  2119.
      •  Fixed issue where additional Turbo Voltage value in  Intel® Extreme Tuning  Utility  (XTU)  did not  restore to default after applying default profile.
      •  Fixed issue where  all settings  do  not revert to default in XTU and BIOS after watchdog timer is  triggered and you choose Revert to System Defaults option in   XTU.