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    DX79TO - Boot up issues


      So I've been having some problems and found the 430 BIOS is an improvement but not spectacular.


      After successfully stress testing the system I built, I turned it off and unplugged it for 3 days.


      Today it hangs during boot on "E6" and then sits there for a minute, then it attempts to boot.


      Right now, the BIOS is not detecting the hard drive on SATA.


      I turn it off, then back on and all of a sudden it starts booting proper.


      My concern is stability and speed of which the system boots (and knowing there was a hang issue during SATA detection previously)  I need this system to be rock solid, I also need to have confidence if I'm going to buy more of these boards.


      I plan on running some more cold boot tests and documenting the experience for further feedback.


      0430 is a step above, but room for improvement exists I believe

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          When I put the SATA controller into IDE mode I try booting from CD and it hangs with a cursor upper left corner.  Hard hag where I can't even eject the CD.


          Switch over to AHCI and it works fine... problem is I need to load CD-ROM drivers and the boot disc I use doesn't support AHCI.