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    Black screen, no boot after BIOS upgrade on Intel D975XBX



      I have a major problem with this motherboard. Just built a new system and completed Windows Vista installation. Apparently everything OK. Then started to get BSOD with APCI.SYS errors - tried to install latest Intel SATA drivers - still has problem -- so decided to update BIOS to most recent version from Intel site.

      Appeared to complete BIOS upgrade OK, but since then nothing but black screen. Tried running with (a) minimal configuration, (b) different memory sticks, - still DOA.

      Tried to reset BIOS via jumper - no change

      Removed & changed CMOS battery

      Tried Intel BIOS recovery technique using BIO file and USB drive - no change - Does the USB drive be formatted as a "MS-DOS start-up disk?"

      Ugggggh.... Any ideas or suggestions welcome.