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    Another High Temps Query.


      I'm running an i7-2600k on MSI P67-45A Motherboard, 16GB RAM.


      I moved up to a new case 2 weeks ago, with 2 x 240mm & 1 x 140mm fans and the CPU stock cooler. I cleaned my cooler out today for the first time and 2 hours later, for the first time, I got critical warnings from 2 of my cores on my i7-2600k.


      When rendering video my temps have been shooting up to the high 70s to low 90s - I've only been monitoring temps since I rebuilt the PC, just out of interest. And this evening temps are now hitting 97C after 3 minutes of rendering.


      I don't reach the 90s everytime but obviously this is concerning me. I've never dealt with overclocking or temperature issues so I'm lost as to what information to provide to help figure out any ideas.

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          If you removed the CPU cooler, did you replace the thermal paste on the CPU cooler and CPU? When you moved the board to the new case, the CPU cooler mounting may have become loose. I would reset all the push pins and make sure they are locked in correctly.


          If you only began monitoring temps, they may have been that way all along. Do you use your boards fan control software? Or set it in the BIOS? You should check that and set it to increase the coolers fan speed, if possible.


          The stock CPU cooler is not to good for long term high stress applications, like video rendering. You should consider replacing it.

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            Thanks for your advice.


            I did not re-apply any paste when I took the cooler off for cleaning. I'll make sure to get hold of some today or tomorrow.


            I've not looked into raising the speeds of the CPU fan before. I just looked into my motherboard's control center and it says the fan is running at 100% although is at 1905rpm. Is this not far below what it should be running at? I'm going to look into new coolers today, something I've never researched before so may have some more questions on this later.

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              I've been looking at what's available to me today to collect rather than waiting on a delivery.


              My local store's offering only 3 coolers for 1155 socket. I've since realised 1905rpm wasn't bad for my stock cooler.


              This ASUS has a lower rpm rating but has decent reviews and is considerably reduced in price...


              It only offers up to 1400rpm though? I can't figure out how this would mount to my motherboard but trust it comes with all suitable fittings.


              My other option is this:


              Same price, higher RPM but reviews all point toward the ASUS being the better performer.


              Are either of these along the lines of what you had in mind?