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    High temperature in brand new i7-2700k


      Hi. I bought completely new it-2700k and installed on DZ68Db motherboard. I do not do overclocking . All I did was install Office 2007. During installation I got a warning that the temperature riched 91 c.

      I use provided with processor fan and also have 2 additional fans in my case (Antec Sonata 3). Now when I am writing this, nothing is running except the browser and the temperature is about 40 . Rear fun at maximum. Front fan in the middle speed.


         Someone can advice what can I do?

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          According to the information that you provided, it seems that your overheating issue is happening only when running Microsoft* Office 2007, since when running the Internet browser, you are not having the overheating issue.


          Anyways, I would suggest installing the latest BIOS version for your motherboard, and make sure that the processor fan/heatsink is properly installed, try removing and reinstalling it.

          If the same issue continues, then please test this processor on a 2nd known working and compatible motherboard to see if it causes the same behavior.

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            Well, if I had a PC parts store or was a san of Bill Gates I whould defenatly test it on the second compatible motherboard.

            However just to be on the safe side I bought and installed Noctua CH-14 processor cooling fan. For now the temperature  is always arround ~30 c.

              Thank  you for your support