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    DX79TO with g-skill RipjawsZ F3-12800CL9Q2-32GBZL "boot issues"



      I purchased a DX79TO motherboard with a 3930K and my power supply is a CoolerMaster Gold 600W, with 32GB of memory from g-skill and I have big problems to make it works fine. I tested all the sticks with memtest and they were all good but one. With that one stick I couldn't boot at all (loop of reboot...). With the good sticks I only succeeded in installing two of them at once (2x4GB) and it worked fine with memtest. But every time I try to install more sticks, for example 4 sticks, I have the same problem, it doesn't boot at all. I'm a bit depressed because I don't know if the problem comes frome the memory or from the motherboard.

      I installed the latest BIOS (O430) and activated the xmp profile 1. But it didn't solve anything.


      Do you think I should increase some voltages (vccio, vccsa... ?). Do you think the memory controller needs more power ?

      I'm a bit disapointed that I doesn't run smoothly without trying to tweak someting...


      Thans for your help !