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    How to Read / Evaluate temperatures with Atom D525 processor?


      My Problem:


      There is a prototype system to test, based on Intel Atom D525 processor.

      The Atom D525 (Pineview) has a specified max. Tjunction of 100°C.


      Applications like CoreTemp v0.99.5 read this value as 125°C. CoreTemp also reads the difference to Tjmax., which gives realistic values for current Core temperatures. Further when the reported temperature comes to 125°C, the processor reduces Clock Speed. As far as I understand the TM1 function comes into action.
      See http://www.alcpu.com/CoreTemp/howitworks.html


      Later versions of CoreTemp (e.g. 0.99.8) give Tjmax as 100°C. Now applying the temperature difference results in nonsense values. For example right after booting Windows the Core temperature is reported still below the room temperature for some time.


      The Question:


      What's wrong here? Looks like Tjmax value reported by the D525 really is 125°C, and later versions of CoreTemp correct that to 100°C artificially.
      But how do I have to understand the reported values? Is there an error in the D525 or in the data sheet? How does the TM1 function operate to prevent the processor from overheating? Is there anything the BIOS has to configure?


      Which Windows software can be used to report correct values for the Core temperature?



      Thanks in advance