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    AMT Provisioning Issue


      I am attempting to provision some AMT devices with our Configuration Manager 2007 R3 environment. We are running 2008R2 in Native mode. I am receiving the following error message:


      SecurityAdministration.SetTLSCertificateWithKeyPair finished with HResult = 0x80004005, status = 0x80A.

      Error: Failed to finish critical setup and configuration step. (pProvisionHelper->SetTLSCertificateWithKeyPair)

      Error: Can't finish provision on AMT device machine1.somedomain.com with configuration code (14)!


      Any suggestions?

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          I've got a couple of questions.  First, what is the key size of your AMT provisioning certificate?  Second, could we get additional log detail for the provisioning attempt?  Ideally, we'd like to see all the log entries for that provisioning attempt to get a better idea of what's happening.