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    I think I solve the problem that Intel HD graphics can't output HDMI or DVI signal


      My new computer

      CPU i5 2500 k

      MB Gigabyte GA-Z68A-D3H-B3

      Monitor ASUS MS246H

      OS Windows 7 x64


      Days before, I also have the same problem that so many guys have.
      I can't get the output from 2500K via the HDMI port and DVI port after install the driver,
      It's fine while using the DVI or HDMI port.But when I install the driver and reboot,there is no display after the screen "Windows Starting".I go into the safe mode uninstall the driver to using the system driver,everything just go fine after reboot.And when I using the VGA port from the MB,there is no problem after install driver.I try many kinds of drivers, the HDMI and DVI port also have no display.


      Now I solve the problem using the method as below:
      1.prepare a vga-vga line,and connect it from MB vga port to monitor vga port
      2.connect a hdmi or dvi line from mb to monitor
      3.select the monitor output mode to VGA
      4.power on the PC and login the system (Now it's using the vga,so there is no problem)
      5.install or reinstall the driver and DO NOT restart after the job is over.
      6.press WIN+P and select the duplicate mode (the second one) and press enter to confirm.
      7.right click on your desktop and select "screen resolution" ,that you will see your monitor is seperated into two parts (1|2)
      8.then change your monitor output mode to HDMI or DVI,Is it working now?
      9.remove the vga line,and the output form hdmi or dvi is good

      10.reboot the PC and everything is OK


      Hope this method is useful to you,thanks.

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