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    DH67CL, No Audio on HDMI


      My problem is I get no audio over the HDMI port unless one of the following situations is in effect. 1) no Intel video or audio drivers are installed, or 2) I have a second monitor connected.

      My configuration is: a DH67CL motherboard installed with (no other cards or adapters) connected to a Yamaha RX-V1800 receiver through a HDMI cable connected to a Magnavox TV through HDMI. (It has the same problem with or without the receiver.)

      I've uninstalled all the Intel drivers and reinstalled them with the latest versions, updated the BIOS to the current version. I've tried editing the monitor driver using MONINFO, disabling the HDMI in BIOS and then re-enabling it, the primary video to integrated in BIOS, and disabled the Realtek device.

      The main issue is that this system is to be used as part of my AV/Game center and isn't located near a spot for the second monitor.

      Here's the motherboard configuration:

      2.jpg 1.jpg




      Here's the system info when it fails:




      Here's the system info when it works: (The only thing I did was connect a monitor to the DVI Port.)



      I've spent a lot of time on something that should be easy!!

      Any ideas would be great.

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          Which is defined as the primary monitor and which is defined as secondary in your display configuration? Does this agree with your BIOS settings? Is HDMI turned on in the BIOS? Also, how is the secondary monitor defined--As a clone or extended desktop? If you're going to use one display, be it a monitor or TV, you need to declare it as primary and select it as Default Sound output. Under the Volume Control Options, select which devices will show a volume control and make sure it is turned up (volume).


          I'm curious as to why your TV is showing in Playback (Sound) devices when I would think it should be your Yamaha receiver. I don't use a receiver and I'm not familiar with how it identifies itself to Windows but I do use a TV as a secondary display. Does the receiver just "pass-through" the TV's Extended Display Identification Data (EDID)? I assume it must.

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            Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I just got a notice that there was a posting to my discussion.


            When it works the monitor not TV is the primary. When I set it to the TV or only have the TV it fails. All I get is a quick pop on the receiver when it's booting.


            HDMI is on in BIOS, the audio defaults to the TV, the receiver does pass the TV's info to the computer.


            I've read other posts and there still doesn't seem to be a fix yet.


            To work around the problem I purchased an optical cable to make the connection for the audio and connected it to the receiver.

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              Hi - You said you have updated to the latest BIOS but your screen shots show v.0132. v0155 is the latest. Regards. Peter