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    Intel HD Graphics issue, Z68 motherboard w/ i5 2500K 3.3ghz


      I keep getting this really annoying problem when ever i install the driver, (ver., for the onboard graphics. Basically the computer freezes everytime i have that driver installed, sometimes it freezes while it's loading windows. I get these weird flickering lines on the screen and then the system crashes. It only happens when I install the intel hd graphics driver, I have to rollback the driver to prevent the system from freezing. Also when the computer freezes not even the reset buttom will help, only holding the power button for a few seconds will shut it down. I am currently using the standard vga graphics adapter with no issues but the resolution is horrible compared to the driver that should be running. Can someone please help me with this problem I want to use the best possible graphics that this intel HD graphics adapter can handle. Also this is a newly built system running vista sp1 with an asrock z68 extreme3 gen3 motherboard with all the latest updates minus this driver, intel please do not tell me to talk to asrock because the problem is with your graphics/drivers. Intels drivers are the same drivers located with asrock support cd/website.




      These are some of the times that the system froze while running the intel hd driver.









      These show the same thing but the system froze before windows loaded.







      Same driver in "Safe Mode", no issues whatsoever.








      now this is the only driver that works, Note that I could only rollback the driver in safe mode.




      All these images were taken while the computer was frozen, except for the safe mode images.