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    Driver update and monitor issues


      Hi, I just updated my G45 driver to the latest version (the drivers I had were very old, the ones shipped together with the pc) and I am now experiencing a very annoying issue.

      I'm on a dual monitor setup, with the second monitor being the Samsung tv, connected via hdmi cable (primary is an acer lcd using vga cable)

      Now, everytime I turn on the tv the Windows plug and play sound plays several time and the main monitor resolution seems to keep changing and resync several times before the process stops.

      It looks like the signal from the tv is a little unstable while it's turning on and windows/drivers keep detecting the new attached monitor as if it was something new (and adjusting resolution in the meantime).

      This didn't happen with the old drivers: resolution never changed while turning on/off monitors.

      Both monitors are set to the same refresh frequency (60 Hz), different resolution, and are working properly otherwise.

      I'm wondering: is there a way to stop or fix the autodetection while turning on the secondary monitor?