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    odering laptops: vPro enable or not?

      Hi all, I have to order vPro enabled laptops for my company. My supplier offers me a Dell latitude E6220 laptop with and without vPro at quite a big price difference. Requested specs of these laptops show both have the same processor and chipset (core i5 2520m and QM 67 express). Based on what I read here and other places - I can only come to the conclusing that this laptop type always comes with vPro enabled. Is this correct or am I making a mistake? Thanks for your help.

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          Sorry for late reply, but I was looking at the E6220 and just doing some preliminary research.


          Unless explicitly stated, machines that lack vPro are unlikely to have vPro capability.  Whether or not this is relevant to your purchase depends on if you need the additional management (AMT), security (Intel-AT), or other capabilities conferred by vPro.  Lattitude E's should still be manageable by Dell's proprietary KACE solution should your IT already use that.


          If you need vPro capabilities make sure the system you order explicitly states it is vPro.