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    Reset Disks to Non-RAID in Intel Matrix Storage Manager

      I have a Gigabyte S-Series motherboard based PC that was configured with two SATA drives under Intel Matrix Storage Manager.  The drives were NOT raided, but the RAID controller in BIOS was enabled - just no raid volumes created.  Windows is installed and was running fine.
      Because of another unrelated problem I did a "Load Fail-safe defaults" options which turned off the BIOS RAID setting, yielding a "Missing operating system" error when trying to boot.
      After setting the BIOS back to RAID, the POST screen comes up like before with the Ctrl+I option to go into the raid configuration, but it still failed to boot showing "Missing operating system".
      If I press Ctrl+I and go into the RAID config, it says there's a RAID0(Stripe) volume with status "Failed", bootable "No".  The first drive status is "Non-RAID Disk" and the second "Member Disk(0)".  It's possible these drives used to be stripe raided many years ago but don't know for sure.
      So the obvious question is how do I set things back to how they were without destroying anything?  The Reset Disks to Non-RAID gives a dramatic warning about "Resetting a disk causes all data on the disk to be lost".  Really? Even if the disk wasn't raided to start with?
      Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.
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          Looks like you've fallen victim to the same **** me and everyone else who uses intels **** raid system has. When a mobo gets reset to its default settings it goes to ahci mode which breaks the raid, meaning your data's still on there, but its datatables that keep track of the striping and parties is corrupted so your data is inaccessible, and dont listen to the bs message about destroying your data, that will only happen if you delete the paritition, write over it, or allow intel's raid manager to start trying to rebuild it. What this does mean is if you want your data back you can try to recover it yourself but chances are its fuxxord, so you'll have to pay out hundreds to get it professionally recovered.

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            Yes, sounds like it. Although what's weird about my situation is the disks weren't actually raided - so there shouldn't be striping/parity data to manage.  As an experiment I tried this:


            1. Removed the two existing disks and replaced them with two old drives

            2. Enabled the raid controller but didn't create any raid volumes - ie: disks not raided as with the other drive setup.

            3. Installed Windows on the first drive and created a dummy file on the second drive.


            Now to test what happens:


            1. Went into bios and did a Load Fail-safe Defaults.

            2. Tried to reboot - got a different message to before, instead of "Operating System Not Found"  I got a "Non-System Disk" error.

            3. Rebooted and went into BIOS and turned the RAID controller back on and the system booted again.  This is what I expected with my "real" drives.


            Now another experiment:


            1. Went into the RAID config and created a RAID0 volume with the two drives.

            2. Rebooted, obviously got and error - "Non-System Disk"

            3. Back into RAID config, deleted the RAID volume

            4. Rebooted, "Non-System Disk"

            5. Made a bootable CD of TestDisk and it managed to find and restore the original partitions on each drive.

            6. Rebooted and got an error from Windows about boot problem.

            7. Used Windows CD to repair the boot settings and all was good again.


            So, next:


            1. Replaced the original drives,

            2. Deleted the bogus raid volume that appeared from no-where.

            3. Ran TestDisk which found the basic layout of the old partitions (drive A = 250+125+125, B = 500)

            4. But TestDisk couldn't actually find anything useful in the partitions.  Boot sectors corrupted, and rebuild BS didn't work either.


            So in short I'm still screwed and have no idea what happened. 

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              The lesson is: if you care about your data, dont use intel's crapware. Buy a real raid. Or if you cant afford one, then backup your raid, cause sooner or later intel is gonna destroy it.

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                Rick Petersen

                This may be a little late for you and I do not fully inderstand how I made it work, but I was able to reset my hard drives to non-raid after a failure of my Vista Ultimate HP computer without loosing any data..


                The computer failled and could not find the operating systems.  The computer has both 32 and 64 bit OS on the primary drive.  A second drive is used for files backup and media.


                I have a complete backup image on an external drive..


                I rebuilt the boot image in the Windows Repair after booting from the instalation DVD.  Reset to IDE and attempted to boot.


                The boot failed and I reloaded the default start up and the primary disk appeared as a non-raid disk and the computer loaded the OS and has worked fine since.


                Any idea what I did right?



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                  My windows xp gave the same errors raid0 failed and would not boot up. I thought the hard drive was finished. but I tried a few things. I removed the cmos battery. I removed the power to the dvd drives and removed all the memory chips. then I installed 1 chip and turned the power on. It booted up! I was in disbelief. Never would have imagined that that would have fixed it. so try it you never know.