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    Put computer in ACHI mode, now RAID10 is degraded, help!


      Hi, ive run into an issue where achi mode destroys a raid 10 on the ich10r chipset.I have a 2tb raid 10 (4 drives) on my MSI x58 PRO-E motherboard that i created in  raid mode, but i changed the mode from raid to ACHI for something else i was doing with a single drive  and forgot to change back before enabling the raid drives and booting, and  now its telling me it cant find two of the drives and that the raid is failed even though it detects all of the physical drives individually, even with raid mode enabled again. I cant lose the info on these  drives, theres hundreds of hours of project files on there, how do i  recover them?

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          Even though the RAID array might be intact in each one of the 4 drives, when you changed the system AHCI and booted the system that way, when the hard drives that are part of the RAID were initialized this could corrupt the meta data on two of these drives and therefore these drives even being physically detected, they are not detected as part of the RAID array.


          If the the RAID array is reported on the Control I option ROM as failed, then the array will not be accesible and therefore the data is not available.


          As you may know Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology does not provide recovery options for failed RAID 0, RAID 5 or RAID 10 volumes. So in this case you could try checking with a third party software utility to recover files on failed RAID volumes or check with your system manufacturer to see if they provide any additional tool for that purpose.