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    What the hell ? Dumb Blonde ! Me ?


      I havre made a few music jukeboxes from Intel atom D410 boards. Easy to set up, plug everything in and install OS.

      This time i bought a Intel D525MW board ! 20 hours later , pulled all my hair out and the thing still will not work !

      When you start loading windows XP pro it gets passed format hard drive, then it starts to load the Window files and crashes !

      I swapped all power supply, memory,hard drive etc even the went out and bought a new DVD drive, but does the same all the time ?

      With the error of CAN NOT FIND NTLDR ? (the hard drive and disc drive are all Sata)

      It says in the Bios that you need a driver for XP if using AHCI ? which one and where do you get it ? and how do you put it on if the operating system is running in the drive (dont have a floppy) I tried to install image management utillity by pressing F6 but just says can not find a floppy drive, all very confusing, time wasting etc ?  any clues