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    Desktop Board DZ68BC memory slot 1 and 3 error 45.


      I'm having problems with the RAM memory in slots 1 and 3 are in error 45.
      They're just working the slots 2 and 4 with 16GB.

      Model: DDR3 - Corsair 32GB 4x8 Vengeance (CMZ32GX3M4X1600C10)


      Is this memory model compatible with the mortheboard? Or is the motherboard the problem?
      Thank you.

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          It should be, but it may be a while before someone comes forward to say that they've tried it on this particular board.


          So both pairs work fine in turn (i.e. it's not a simple matter of one pair being bad)?


          BTW, the slots are numbered 3/1/4/2 from the top down, but I take your "1 and 3" to mean that you're counting in order from the bottom up (i.e. you're really using 1/2, which are the correct two slots when only two DIMMs are installed).

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            As rsieler said, "it should be" even though it isn't specifically on the Intel list.


            Can you be more specific about how the error is being reported?


            I assume you have swapped DIMMS around, but just to be clear -- Do any (2) of the DIMMS work when in slots 2 and 4, but not when all (4) are installed?

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              I'm using one blue and one black, on the left side of the motherboard.

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                When the computer starts its not responding, the motherboard panel appeared the number 45, i tested slot per slot. number 2 and 4 are ok. When I put it in slots 1 and 3 the error 45 appears and the computer restarts, than shutdown, then it restarts with error 45.

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                  I am still not clear on which slots you are using in each case.  Are you counting sequentially from processor, or using the slot numbers from the Product Guide?  As rseiler said, the actual slot numbers (per product guide, starting closest to the processor) are numbered 3-1-4-2.


                  For clarification, valid dual-channel configurations for the DZ68BC are:


                  A) Two DIMMS:  Two same speed/size in BLUE slots.  Or...

                  B) Three DIMMS:  Two same speed/size, one each in BLUE and BLACK slots closest to processor, plus one (same speed, but twice the size of the other two) in either BLUE or BLACK slot furthest from processor.  Or...

                  C) Four DIMMS:  Two same speed/size in BLUE slots, plus two same speed/size in BLACK slots.  The two DIMMS in BLUE slots can be different size/speed than the two in the BLACK slots.


                  As for your post error 45, here are the steps *I* would try if it were mine (no guarantees, I do not work for Intel and am just a DZ68BC user like you):

                  1) Put 2 DIMMS in whichever slots allow you to POST successfully.  (You indicated success with 2 DIMMS, but I am unclear on which slots you used.  Preferably this would be the two BLUE slots, but if they do not work then use whatever combination is providing you with a successful POST.)

                  2) Assuming step #1 allows you to reliably POST and F2 into the BIOS, and the board remains stable...  Restart, choose F7-Update BIOS, and update the BIOS to 0027.

                  3) After updating to 0027, F2 into the BIOS again. Verify that it now reports 0027.  Choose the "Load defaults" option and exit.

                  4) After loading defaults, F2 into the BIOS again.  Go to the Configuration menu.  Choose "Memory Overrides", then "Performance Memory Profiles".  You should see an option for "Profile 1: XMP-1600".  Choose that.  Use F10 to save/exit.


                  5) Now shutdown, put all (4) DIMMS in, and see if you can POST successfully.

                  If you still have problems after these steps, or are unable to complete those steps...  It could be that the memory is incompatible or defective (i.e., not performing to speed spec / not matched), or it could be a problem with the motherboard.  It could even be a problem with the processor, although that is unlikely.


                  The only way *I* know of to narrow that down is start swapping components. You would need to find some memory KNOWN to work with this board, or a replacement motherboard, to start the process of elimination.