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    SE7501BR2 won't post


      I received a SE7501BR2 system as a hand-me-down for my first server, and it won't post at all.  The machine won't post (no beep, no video), but I can hear the fans and see lights.  There are several LEDs on the front panel: 2 network activity lights, HDD activity, a light bulb, and what seems to be a warning light.  As it powers on, all of the lights turn green except for the unused network adapter and the warning light.  The warning light is red, and the unused network adapter indicator remains dark.  I have been Googling, and I read the manual at http://www.linux.co.kr/home/lecture/files/SE7501BR2_PG.pdf and cannot find any reference to this LED.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?