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    Intel Xeon HD P3000 graphics and Solidworks/Realview


      I can't get Realview to work with P3000 graphics. I've tried both the latest graphics driver and the older one that SW OK'd. Abient Occlusion is offered ( I can't tell if it works). That's only supposed to show up on Realview capable graphics, but the Realview icon doesn't appear. The option to use software GL is grayed out as expected. Can anyone confirm that Realview works on P3000? Got any ideas about registry tweaks that might solve the problem?





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          As a basic troubleshooting step, please try our latest graphics driver for this GMA:




          The graphics driver provided by the computer manufacturer is different.


          If it does not solve the issue, please send us back the graphics diagnostic report of your system:




          Please send this information to: graphics@mailbox.intel.com




          Dago MC.

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            I used the latest graphics driver and also tried the driver suggested from the solidworks company, both don't work with RealView. Even the card is marked as tested with no restrictions by SolidWorks.

            So I ask again the question the thread starter asked first: IS THERE ANYBODY USING INTEL GRAPHICS HD3000 AND SOLIDWORKS 2012 w/o problems?

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              Intel support claimed to be working on the issue, but I haven't heard  from them for a while so it seems they don't have an answer.


              I gave up on Intel graphics for Solidworks, and added a Firepro card to solve my problem. I was never able to be certain whether my graphics are HD3000 or P3000. Windows says it's HD, but SW says it's P. The issue may stem from Intel processor graphics type being dependant on which motherboard is used. In my case it seems that the processor can deliver P graphics, but not on my MB. The confusion is ridiculous.


              My advice to anyone considering the purchase of a new computer for Solidworks:  stay away from Intel graphics. If you choose any Nvidia or Radeon graphics, even if it isn't specifically approved by Solidworks, you can probably still use realhack to make SW think your graphics are on the approved list. You won't have that option with any Intel graphics types.

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                Intel is back on the case! For your entertainment I submit the following quote from them.



                Thank you again for contacting Intel Customer Support.

                I  have been requested more detailed information about your problem, so in  this case can you send a picture which will be very useful, you already  told us that Realview is not enabled and it needs compatible hardware  but I would need that information.


                Keep in mind that the above came weeks after multiple exchanges which included requests for a ton of information, none of which helped one whit in getting this poor tech any closer to understanding the problem, much less solving it. He has since clarified his most recent request, and no, it will not be "very useful" in the slightest. But I sent it along anyway. Supposedly "engineering" is now involved, so I expect to be getting an email in another few weeks suggesting that I try rebooting my computer.

                As you might imagine, at this point I'm very happy that I switched to ATI graphics rather than waiting for Intel. It's a shame that a current Intel workstation processor can't be cojoled into doing something that my 4 year-old underpowered laptap is capable of, but at least it's a lesson that might prevent someone else from getting into a similar mess.

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                  FURTHER UPDATE


                  A few day ago I received another response from Intel.  Here are the pertinent parts:  "I am a senior technical engineer and I am in charge of this escalation about Solidworks and Realview feature. I have been gathering information about your system configuration  based on previous emails threads and forums with the following items:....P3000 or Intel® HD Graphics 3000...."


                  In other words, approximately 2 months after first inviting me to take some help from them they still can't tell me which graphics version their processor is delivering. The only productive thing they came up with was something I'd already learned from others about 7 weeks ago. My interaction with Intel was a waste of my time and theirs. Perhaps the requests for irrelevant information helps them churn trouble tickets but it doesn't do anything towards finding solutions. I didn't even bother to respond to the latest email and I'll be shopping AMD on all future builds.


                  Based on my experience, my advice to those who imagine that they might ever need Intel tech support is not to expect anything beyond what you might get from a low-end Chinese Ebay vendor of cell phone screen protectors.