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    DB65AL: start up hangs on wake-on-lan (bios event log: flash update failed)


      Hi community,


      somehow I messed up my DB65AL configuration - and I can't figure out what happened. The issue is:


      • board is the mentioned DB65AL with latest BIOS update installed
      • power on button: system seems to 'hang' at BIOS start (NUMLOCK lit on keyboard but not responding)
      • reset button: system boots into OS (sometimes after repeating this step)
      • similar start up behavior with wake-on-lan     :-(((((
      • the BIOS event log says: Flash Update Failed (Count: 3)(date and time)


      Question: what did I do? Okay, skip that... More seriously: how to get rid of this behavior? Resetting BIOS to factory defaults and also removing the backup battery before didn't solve that problem.


      As the system shall not operate on my desk it is quite annoying to always have to do a hard reset to get it running.


      Thanks in advance for your help,