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    DP45SG boots directly to BIOS only


      Hi guys I have a DP45SG board , nothing has change , all of a suddent the system goes into setup menu by default ,and doesnt proceed further , If i load defaults and save it says please change the jumper to normal position and reboot , If i move the CMOS jumper to pin 1 and 2 the system doesnt not switch on at all , but if i remove the jumper or place it in pin 2 and 3 it boots to the BIOS again . please help!!!!

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          Hello anirudhks,


          I understand that your system will boot in to maintenance mode every time that you turn it on and it wont matter if you change the BIOS jumper from pins 1-2 to 2-3.


          At this point it seems like you are experiencing a BIOS corruption or short on the motherboard.


          I recommend testing the system out of the chassis on top of a non-conductive surface; this could be a wooden table or a newspaper. Also while you are taking the motherboard out of the chassis, you can clear the cmos by removing the power cables from the motherboard ( 2x12 and 2x2) and the  cmos battery for an hour. Once you have the motherboard out of the chassis and cleared the cmos, we need to test the motherboard on a basic configuration, this means have the system as basic as we can. If the problem continues, please go ahead and perform a BIOS recovery, you can find the instructions at the following web site:







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            Thank you very much yes the board was shorting with a small metal screw in the chasis after removing it and changing the bios jumper it booted back to normal ...