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    Intel 520 SSD installation steps




      I've got a 520 arriving today for use as my OS drive and I want to make sure I've got my installation steps correct:


      1. In BIOS, set SATA mode to ACHI
      2. Install Windows 7
      3. Disable superfetch
      4. Make sure no disk defragmentation scheduled
      5. Install rapid storage technology driver
      6. Download and install Intel SSD Toolbox


      Does that sound about right? Am I missing any steps or would you do any of the steps in a different order?


      What about Secure Erase? Firmware update? AES 256 encryption? Not sure if I need to do anything regarding these. Will the drive be encrypted without me doing anything?



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          1. Go to BIOS, set boot priority 1. CD-ROM 2. HDD

          2. Unplug your old HDD (leave it in your case, so you can re-connect later). Important you disconnect this as Windows 7 might see this drive first. Make a note which SATA port your HDD was was connected too.. best if its a native Intel controller, and its SATA 2 or 3..

          3. Replace with your new SSD.

          4. Insert Windows 7 CD-ROM

          5. Start PC, press DEL to go to BIOS. Set to ACHI (you should see the Intel in the boot priority list number 2 now), Save.

          6. Choose Custom Install of Windows 7 - let it do the rest

          7. Go to Intel website- Install Tool Box 3.02 - this will sort out all the settings like Superfetch ect...

          8. You're good to go.. run the Tool box features like optimizer etc..



          good luck

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            Thanks! All worked well...except the driver for the actual SSD is from Microsoft. Is there an Intel driver?


            I've already installed the IRST driver for the SATA controller.

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              Micorsoft took care of the install via Windows 7. Make sure you download the Intel tool kit 3.02

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                "1. In BIOS, set SATA mode to ACHI"


                Dont you mean 'AHCI' ?